APPLE "rain and stain"????

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  1. I keep hearing about people loving Apple products and I'm just wondering if anyone has used this product and if it works. It's called: Apple Rain and Stain Repellent and it's supposed to prevent water marks, etc.

    I'm also wondering if this product would prevent the darkening of handles - or at least reduce it.

    Thanks for any response! :flowers:
  2. Yes, I do use this one on all my bags ;)

    I first moisturize with the AG conditioner (if it does need conditioning) let dry overnight then I spray them with the AG. I must say that it does work when it comes to preventing water marks and stains but I'm not too sure on the handles? I use FHO for mine and it works well too. But then again, I sometimes hit the handles when I spray my bag so I'm not sure if the FHO works alone or works better with the AG spray.

    I know of some ladies though who just use the AG spray only on their handles and works great! So this helps:tup:
  3. I just received my first can of AG rain & stain today. I was wondering the same think, beauxgoris-- I'm so glad you asked!
  4. Use the AG rain & stain with caution. A little goes a looong way, try to spray from a distance as well.. it's pretty strong. ;).

    For handles, I've stuck with For handles only from LMB.. for the body of the bag I usually use AG Lotion & Rain n' Stain.
  5. ^^If you too much does something bad happen?
  6. ^^ Weren't you the one who used a spray on that Caramel shopper and the buckle turned a funny color? At least a dot of it did?

    That wasn't you beaux?
  7. Anyhow, I'd imagine that since its made of nanoparticles, using too much might make the bag darken at first and then lighten up later? Maybe if you use too much - it won't lighten back up all the way?
  8. ^^Yes that was me - but it was the conditioner I used, not the rain and stain. It was a mark that was already there - the conditioner just made it seem darker when it was wet. When it dried it was still there, but lighter. I haven't used any "products" since, but I'm tempted since I want to protect my Ruby WE - not 100% sure though yet.
  9. Oh haha. Okay so I was half right.

    The AG Spray is pretty safe IMO. I've used it on most my older bags (only stopped using it cause I ran out) including lighter colors like Ivory and Naturel and nothing but fantastic results. Didn't even darken but a hair of a shade when I sprayed it on. But it instantly lightened back up.

    My buddy used it on her Calclaire Box and same: fantastic results.

    It's strange, it smells very strong but once on the bag and once dried - vanishes. You'd have to use it in a sweeping motion (side to side) across the bag, about 8" away from the bag. There are directions on the bottle that are very clear, so just follow them and you'll do fine.
  10. I use it on all my bags. In fact I did use similar products from brands I found here & they smell the same & probably do the same thing. Only thing, AG has this oily residue that do dry off. I guess this locks away water droplets by forming a barrier? None of my bags turn a shade darker or end up spotting. Even lighter colours like Bubblegum & Sahara is OK. I do hang my bags & spray from a distance. I only do an even(OK I try) one coat all over. Then I allow my bag to air dry for half a day or so. It usually dries in an hour or so.

    If you want to buy AG, there is a 20% off code now. I think it is CLEARANCE. Ends 31st Jan.
  11. UPDATE: So I tried this today on one of my NON-BALENCIAGA bags (too fradie cat) and it seems to have ruined the leather. It was a smooshy and nice before - now it seems shiny in an ugly way, and also darker near the seams. WILL THIS GO AWAY? It's been about an hour and the bag still looks wrecked.

  12. bump
  13. I don't think this effect is necessarily indicative of what will happen to a Bbag if you spray it with Apple Garde since different leather probably reacts differently. I've used Apple on almost all my Bbags and nothing bad ever happened. It slightly darkened one of my red bags, but that's pretty much it (and I think it darkened because I sprayed too much). I think you need to let the bag dry. I think I know what shine you're referring to -- for me, it went away in a couple days. I just hung it in the garage and let it air (the fumes were pretty :sick:).

    Also, how much did you spray on? That could have something to do with it, too. From threads here, I learned that it's a good idea to spray a thin layer from a distance away, let it dry, and spray a second layer if necessary.

    Let us know what happens

    PS: You can always try it on a mirror or small accessory (Money or CP)
  14. it does make my bbags kinda shiny....but i just spray them anyway because i'm so paranoid that i will spill something on it :rolleyes:
  15. ^^Does this go away?

    After this experience I'm not going to use it on my b-bags. Too risky imo.