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  1. Can I go into an Apple store and Order a computer the way I want it OR do I have to buy just what they have available?

  2. If you want to customize certain parts of the Mac, you'll probably need to order online. Your best option is calling the Apple Store and asking if they have what you want in stock, or can perform the upgrade there.
  3. Don't waste your money. Get a loaded PC for 2/3 the price of a Mac. :smile:
  4. ^ and then have to worry about yucky viruses infecting that PC....:smile:

    or just get a mac and not have to worry about those viruses :smile:

  5. :nospam:

  6. ITA....that why i got a macbook air macbook pro:P
  7. There are only specific things you can change. Try going to the online Apple store, select the model you want and you will be directed to a page offering you modifications on hard drive and such. Those are the only changes you can make as far as I know.

    And Macs are the best in terms of simplicity and lack of annoying popups asking you if you would like to install updates (Macs have them, but less intrusive and less frequent). PCs are for people who like the ability to modify hardware and OS stuff (lol), or who do gaming a lot because specs on a PC can be made far superior with sufficient dough in hand.
  8. Running Vista with no virus software installed. No probs.

    I will, say, that was my semi-drunk, anti-apple post, so pardon me. :smile:
  9. You'll have to order it online, unfortunately. If you're in search of guidance on what you should or can order, I bet you can go into an Apple Store and have one of the associates help you order one there on one of their computers. :tup: