Apple OS X Leopard: Yay or Nay?

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  1. I own a Mac Pro, however I purchased it a month ago so it didn't come with the Leopard. I am wondering if it is worth buying though, what do you guys think? Anybody upgrade to Leopard yet? Let me know what you think! THANKS!! :smile:
  2. give me about an hour and i can let you know! i'm just burning stuff on to dvd so that i can install it :yahoo: (i tend to fill my hd aaaalll the way to the top :whistle: ).
  3. I'm thinking about upgrading too. the new ichat is really cute! I'm planning to get the 5person family plan w/ some friends so it'll be only $40pp
  4. UGH this is actually what I am trying to do right now. I got my Install disk, did it, and how have a horrible blue screen (I'm flashing back to Windows.... :Push:smile: Apparently it's some kind of glitch. Fun times... I was SO jazzed to start using this OS!
  5. i just got my macbook pro last week, so i'm waiting for my free upgrade to come in the mail!
  6. Ooh I've been using Tigger since buying my Powerbook 2 years ago, am very interested to hear what you all think of Leopard once you have it up and running. :idea:
  7. yikes :wtf:

    i had a bit of a scare, the first time it only partly installed (it said it couldn't install so i thought i'd just start it up in 10.4, since i should really be finishing my dissertation rather than installing a new OS two days before it's due :wtf: ), and it took me to a login screen and my password wouldn't work :wtf: long story short, i did an archive-install and it all works now. i'm even sort of liking the default desktop image :lol:
  8. Anxiously Awaiting everyone's responses !!!!!!!
  9. I'm a member of the Apple Developer Connection, so I'm waiting on my complimentary copy. *whistles* My boyfriend and friend have installed one of the recent release candidates, and they've been really excited about it. If you're looking for some opinions and discussion of Leopard, my other favorite forum (Ars Technica) has plenty of that:
  10. I didn't know they give out complimentary copy to ADC member. Where can I find that info? TIA.
  11. Okay I got my IT guys to fix my blue screen of death today at work... and I LOVE it! I'm an educator and there are so many cool things I can't wait to integrate into our school's curriculum. It's so sleek and fun!
  12. I purchased my Macbook about a week before Leopard was released. Since I'm within the timeframe I could get the Leopard for 9.99. I purchased it of course and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Once I install it I'll let you know what I think.