Apple on pebbled leather?

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  1. Does anyone Apple their pebbled leather bags? I Apple all of ny bags, even me Legacys, with great results, but I think I read on here somewhere that moisturizer on pebbled leather breaks down the pebbling or something like that? I'd really prefer to condition it, but if its going to ruin my new berry Hampsons carryall, then I wont. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. I have been told that treating pebbled leather can make the "pebbling" relax and the bag might lose it's texture. You might want to try it on a small area on the bottom of the bag to see the effects.
  3. On the care card for my pebbled bag, it says to use just a damp cloth. It specifically says do not use Coach leather cleaner or moisturizer on your soft pebble product. I'd steer clear of using any cleaning materials on it. The few times I've had to wipe mine, I've used a damp cloth and it's been fine.
  4. Actually conditioner can collapse any type of corrected grain or manipulated pebble grain leather, and if that happens you do void the Coach warranty. However, I've tried it at first in small places because I got a scratch on one of my bags where I couldn't remove it otherwise. Initially I just tried the Chelsea vintage leather, as the leather has variations anyway, and it was fine. Then I removed a scratch on my pebble grain Hamptons, which I believe is far more textured than your bag. After that was ok, I did the whole bag. You can see from my pics that conditioning this bag did not relax the grain in any way. NOW...I have no clue if that might happen with other bags, so I would always suggest proceeding with caution. I just have been very lucky. I do NOT condition pebble grain often, however...I let months pass or basically do the "touch" test to check for dryness. I do not notice pebble grain leather being as dry as some of the other leathers. I guess if it gets too much conditioner, then the leather might "relax". :shrugs:

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  5. Wow that is such pretty bag! Thanks for the info. I now have two pebbled bags (Hamptons and chelsea satchel) and Ive NEVER had a pebbled leather bag before so I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'll just fight the urge to condition and follow instructions for a change and leave it alone. Maybe just wipe it with a damp cloth or something after use.
    I really dont want to destroy the bag, or even worse, "unpebble" a portion of it while the rest of it stays the same - that would really be noticeable and ugly!
  6. You do not need to condition Coach's pebbled grain leather. I have the a Hamptons satchel with a pebbled grain similar to the current carryall. I bought it 3 years ago and have used it constantly through rain, sleet, snow etc. The bag still looks absolutely perfect. My mom also has , has never conditioned it and is extremely rough on her bags. Her bag is also perfect. Coach's pebbled leather is extremely durable. I had wanted to condition the bag also but my SA (manager of store) told me that it WILL collapse the grain and this will not be covered by Coach's warranty as it explicitly says not to use anything on the care card. I would leave it alone IMO.
  7. My SA said to use a damp cloth just like KMoriarty said. Pebbled Leather is probably the easiest to keep clean. I had a Hamptons Pebbled Hobo a few years ago and when I sold it, it looked brand-new even though I used it to death!!:yes:
  8. Like everyone else said, you don't need to and should not condition it. I just use a damp cloth and wipe it down periodically. For spots that don't come off with a damp cloth on my white pebbled leather ergo hobo, I just use a baby wipe, which has removed every spot and smudge. That's one of the reasons I love the pebbled leather--it's very low maintenance.
  9. No Apple Conditioner on suede, nubuc (lightly napped leather) or napped leather. Some pebble leather is nubuc, some has a smooth finished surface. I used apple on my pebbled agenda it has a finished smooth surface.

    I would spray suede, nubuc and napped leathers with Apple Rain Garde before using.
  10. Can I ask a question about the pebbled leather? Is it pebbled because they soak it in water to make the bag water repellant? I know thats what Dooney & Bourke says is the reason the leather is pebbled in their line. Is it the same for Coach?

  11. Yeah, I wanted to pop back in and add that about the spraying! Entheos is absolutely correct. I also spray all my bags, even my leathers that I condition. Any type of really porous leathers you can't use conditioner on for sure. There's also a transition between a nubuck and smooth pebble leather that conditioner also won't work on without "muddying" it. I forgot the name of this leather, but it is a raw pebble grain with a distressed finish that's not quite nubuck.