Apple MacBook or Sony Vaio C-Series -I need your vote!

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I need your honest opinion!

    I've decided to purchase my very first laptop, however, I can't decide between the Apple MacBook in Black or the Sony Vaio C-Series.

    * 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    * 2GB Ram
    *120GB hard drive

    * Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5600
    * 2GB Ram
    * 160GB hard drive

    I've calculated the cost in terms of my local tax, discounts, etc and they're both about the same price.

    I've never used a MacBook before, but it would be nice to try something new...However, the Sony has the new VISTA installed in it....I like them both equally -so I'm stuck!

    My knowledge with computers are also very limited, so please share your opinion or past experience -it would help me a lot! And if you have time and I could set a poll properly -please take a vote.

  2. MAC all the way! my bf is a web designer and has the best mac so i would always see it and i looooved the awesome features and eneded up getting the white mac book. i just use mine to for fun, not professionally like his. you can customize just about everything on a mac, you should see all my icons! so cute! vista is horrible imo. you will be happy w/mac for sure!
  3. Mac without a doubt. I am confident you will be more happy with it!
  4. i have had 2 sony laptops and i must say that i will never get other brands....
  5. My best guy friend always makes fun of me because I have a Mac. He just got a new laptop with Vista on it and he has since stopped with his teasing because he said that Vista has been giving him so many problems.

    I'm a Mac convert so my opinion is biased but I will never, ever go back to windows. Macs are much easier to use and they're just more fun.
  6. Mac all the way.. Mine washes my car, and cuts my sons hair!! Also, on cold winter nights, her vibrating fan and warm power source keep me company.
  7. Get a Mac. We have one and love it!
  8. I have a Mac and I love it.
    Most of my friends have macs as well...if you haven't noticed Apple has a huge cult following haha.
    I love macs because they never crash and are relatively easy to use.
  9. also...Apple customer service is really awesome.
  10. Macbook! Macbook! Macbook! Vista is a poor man's OS X...
  11. I'm not a Mac fan... but Vista is no good... so *shrug* LOL!
  12. oh & macs dont get all!
  13. Sony Vaio C-Series
  14. absolutely. you will probably not need it though because everything just WORKS! i love mac, i'd never buy anything different!!
  15. I have a HP desktop and a Vaio laptop. I'm waiting for one of them to die so I can get a Mac!!! (The laptop, only a year, has already had numerous problems.)