apple lovers

  1. what all things do you have Apple (the iphone, ibook, ipod, etc...)

    im getting an ibook and a new ipod on friday and i cant wait :yahoo:

    i just want to see what everyone else has !
  2. I have an ipod and an ibook. I think I'm going to be upgrading to a Macbook or Macbook Pro in a few months.

    Congrats on your new toys; you're going to love them!
  3. im kind of nervous i wont get used to mac because ive always had windows but i guess over time everything will work out

    and thank you !
  4. I was nervous about the same thing when I got my ibook...but really you adjust quite quickly because of how easy and straight forward everything is. You'll be fine! Just make sure you buy Microsoft Office, because Appleworks is terrible.
  5. My dad recently got the 24-inch iMac; he loves it!! It took some time for him to adjust from windows, but overall, everything went smooth. I only have an iPod, but I might get an iPhone for Christmas... if I do well on my SAT lol. I'd like to get an iBook eventually though. Congrats on your new goodies btw!! :smile:
  6. The ibook doesn't exist anymore...I'm guessing you mean a MacBook which looks similar.

    That said,
    I currently have

    30GB iPod Video
    Green iPod Shuffle
    8GB iPhone
    Apple Bluetooth for my iPhone
    13 inch 2.16 GHz White MacBook
    Airport Extreme Base Station (the previous generation)

    Due to upgrades I no longer have:
    4GB iPod Mini in Green
    17" iMac G5 with Superdrive

    You'll definitely get used to the mac but if you are really nervous there's a book they sell at the apple store called "switching to the mac"...had some good points for me on how you do things you used to do in windows on the mac. Soon enough it will be second nature to you...I find myself trying to do things the mac way on my work dell laptop now!
  7. <---mac G5 desktop, ipod
    would love an iphone, when the prices become normal!!!
  8. I have and iBookG4, and I love it.
  9. I have an Imac, Ibook, 12" Power Mac, Mac Book Pro, 1st generation Pink Ipod Mini, and Ipod Video.

    Hubby has a 12" Power Mac and Ipod Nano and the Nike Ipod thingy. Son has an Ipod Shuffle.

    Love Mac....maybe an Iphone next year!
  10. I have an iToilet, and let me tell you, the interface is extraordinary! It just feels so good to use.
  11. iPod! :love: I've gotten so addicted to it!
  12. I have a 30gb video iPod in white...that's all. :crybaby:

    My mom said she'd buy an iBook when I got back from Atlanta but she never got around to it. I can wait though..

    I want the iPhone for Christmas, but im with tmobile and I heard there is going to be a Juicy sidekick 3. So if that comes out.....
  13. 80 gb video ipod (black) i love it!!!
  14. I have the iBook G4 and iPod nano, and soon hopefully an iPhone(still trying to decide whether or not to wait until the second generation.) I love apple products, they are great!
  15. well right now i have green ipod shuffle and a pink ipod mini that no longer works haha

    i have everything in my life as windows i even have a windows mobile phone haha

    but once the iphone 2 comes out if it comes out sooner or later haha ill be switching to that so my whole life will be macified