apple leathercare has anyone used this on LV?

  1. hi guys has anyone of tried using apple leathercare conditioner, cleaner and appleguard rain and stain repellent on your LV mono and damier?
    how do i use it ? on the canvass including the handles ? help pls :huh:
  2. I've used the conditioner on the vachetta and had nothing bad happen as a result. Don't know if it's protecting it at all, but that's because I'm so paranoid about my bags to begin with.
  3. I use it on the leather parts - the trim and handles. The assistant manager at my LV store recommended it. (She also gave me a bottle!):smile:
  4. which one did you use annfabulousfinds? im confused which one should i buy the leather cleaner ? leather conditioner ? or the appleguard rain and stain repellent? thanks
  5. If your vachetta has a patina already, use the conditioner/cleaner first, then protect with rain garde. If it's new LV, use the rain garde to protect.

    Nothing is needed on the canvas or damier material.
  6. I use the conditioner on the leather and the canvas. Then I follow up with the rain garde on the leather. Works for me!
  7. The cleaner isnt recommended for vachetta, but I find the conditioner works great and actually cleans the leather too. The Apple rain repellant works great too and is recommended by LV SA's as well. I've been using it for years. I dont think rain repellant is necessary for epi or damier since its pretty weatherproof, but the conditioner works great for all types of leather.
  8. Does the leather conditioner stain new vachetta?
  9. You're absolutely right ~ I was rushing when I typed my reply above. I use the Apple Leather Care (conditioner) on vachetta that already has a patina. I find it cleans as well, so I always think it's a cleaner.

    I've never used it on new vachetta since I didn't feel it needed to be conditioned. I have only used the Rain Garde protectant on the new vachetta.
  10. Thanks for the info. The Rain garde doesn't stain the vachetta or turn it dark does it?
  11. I prefer Wilson's spray too the above. It dries superquickly and lasts months.
  12. When you first spray it, it appears darker and you will feel like jumping in front of a truck..... just be patient. It dries back to its original color, and it make take a day depending on how much you applied. I always use a very light mist ~ so go easy!

    I have heard that Wilson's does not do this, but I've never tried it personally. It seems people either love AG or love Wilson's. I think they both serve the same purpose, but I do not know if one is better than the other.
  13. The AG has a weird nozzle, I dont like it at all. I prefer Wilson's and Collonil. Collonil is not that big in the US I think, but it has been in the leather care biz for many years. That brand is the only one avail where I live, so it was the 1st product I tried, with great success. I've seen it in Aussie and Europe too I think. Wilson's and Collonil dry instantly, it's like you never spray anything.