Apple Leathercare discount!!!

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  1. No biggie gal's, just wanted to let you all know that til' the end of Jan. you can get 20% OFF your order at by typing in the code


    when you checkout!!!

    I'm geting the kit with the cleaner/conditioner AND the rainguard for $22.00 SHIPPED!!!! :tup:

    If you need to stock up or get new, nows the time!!!
  2. Thank you for sharing. Will definately get some with the code. Love it.
  3. Thanks for this, lovecoachmore!! I was going to order some today!!
  4. UGH! I just ordered some the other day! I wish I had known about this :cursing:
  5. I've heard of other ladies here that have e-mailed them to explain and got a price adjustment. Couldn't hurt to try! :tup:
  6. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting this........I just ordered the same items you did.

  7. So glad to spread the good word!!! It'll save us all more ca$h for Coach items!!! That's NEVER a bad thing!!!:P
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the post!
  9. Ooh, thanks runner! I might give them a call tomorrow :P I can be such a penny pincher sometimes..
  10. Hey there Abandonedimages!!! Every penny counts! My $4.00 discount actually almost paid for the shipping so heck...well worth it!!!
  11. I wish I knew about that a couple of weeks ago when I ordered...oh well.
  12. Great! Thanks I have been waiting for a code. I'm completely out!!!
  13. This is really not Coach-specific and we also don't allow duplicates, so please join the Leatherstuff thread already posted in Deals and Steals. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.