Apple Leather Question

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  1. I have a friend who is a non TPFer but does look through some posts. She hasn't registered so she hasn't seen alot of pics. She has a friend from London who came to visit her and this person had an Apple Full size Love me. My friend fell in love. She wants to know how the Apple leather wears, how it is on corner rubbing, what the slouch and smush factor is after some use and any other info that she would need to make an educated purchase. She is considering a Bespoke but is hesitant because of the Large sum of money it will be for untested waters for her.

    I directed her around to the available BE's online (Bonanzle and Ebay) but she is dead set on an Apple Full Size Love me. No other colors tempt her.

    Any bits of info from Apple owners would be much appreciated.
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    Lexie - The Apple matte leather is very similar to your tan Hold Me leather. It seems like it is a similar weight and texture. It also slouches in a similar manner. Something I have done for my tan Hold Me is I used those Method wipes from Target that are non toxic. They totally cleaned the corners without damaging the bag. Although, it was a bit scary when all the areas turned darker!:blink::sweatdrop: All ended well, when it dried. The corners looked almost brand new and then I did the same thing with my off white Prada!:nuts: Hope that helps a little.

    Oh, I forgot to add that I thought there was an apple sheen as well? It might be difficult for her to know which one she had the chance to see. Maybe see if it is the same one in the Love Me photo on the website.
  3. I sent her the website pic. Is that the Apple sheen? When you talk about the Tan Hold me and the wipes are you refering to the new Tan or Old or does it make a difference?
  4. I have an Apple Matte LM Midi which I love. I haven't used it alot and I'm pretty careful with my bags, but I can say so far I haven't noticed any noticeable wear on the corners (since I haven't used it much though yet that doens't really tell you much). I did moisturize my matte leather with the Lovin' My Bags Feel Soft moisturizer after I'd worn it a few times (it felt a TINY bit dry when I got it) which really seemed to make the bag softer and smooshier. It is a gorgeous colour.

    I don't have experience with the Apple Sheen so I can't comment on that one, except to say I think it's stunning (looking) as well!
  5. Lex- I have the old tan Hold Me just like you. I haven't tried the wipes on my new tan WTM Midi yet. However, I forgot to mention that all of my bags are treated with Apple water repellent, so I wouldn't try it unless yours is treated as well.

    I just took another look at the pic on the website. I'm not sure which it is? My guess is it is not the matte beacause the matte seems to have the variegation in the leather like old tan does and that picture looks totally smooth imo. You should post in the concierge thread. They will definitely know the answer with that one.
  6. I've got an apple SM and an apple WTM - both bags I absolutely :heart::heart:
    I'm actually not sure which leather it is -- matte or sheen. Its' thicker like the matte leathers, but its "shiney". I've not had any problems with corners scuffing, etc - but then again, both styles don't necessarily have corner problems per se.

    I completely understand why she would want the LM in the apple glossy though. I'd say she should go for it!