Apple Leather Conditioner versus Lexol?

  1. Hi all, just wanted to get some consensus on the pros/cons, diff/sims of Apple conditioner and Lexol. I have Tanos in lux, puree, crunch, and chamois, and am not really sure what cleaner and conditioner to use on them. I've read some of the posts and it seems that some have had both good and bad luck with Lexol. Is Apple generally considered all around better for Tanos?

    Thanks for your input!:smile:
  2. Hope you get some replies from folks who have used these conditioners. For me, I've never used anything on any of my Tanos. Although I have considered doing something with my garnet crunch, which seems to have distressed a lot more than others.

  3. Honestly...I never used anything on my Tano bags...the one time I did, it was awful.

    I used Lexol and it took the crunch color away versus restoring it. So I would never do that again, though I have heard lots of ladies have had good luck with it...maybe I just flunked Lexol 101 or something!

    I think some ladies had wonderful results just spraying their bags with Apple guard...kept the crunch looking new longer...
  4. I've used Apple and Lexol on my crunch leathers. Personally, I didn't like the Lexol. I didn't like the smell and the feel of it. I had to keep washing my hands. Apple helps keeping the crunch leather looking newer, however, the best thing for the crunch is regular old non-scented Lubriderm.