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  1. Has anyone used the Apple Leather Cleaner?
    I've read that it is pretty strong and not recommended.
    Is there a more gentle product that will clean very dirty leather?
  2. Does anyone have any advice on cleaning dirty leather?????
  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (at least that's what I hear).:biggrin:
  4. I use Apple Leather Cleaner and follow up with the Conditioner and then the Spray. You're right - it is a very strong cleaner so I only use a dab at a time. What are you trying to clean?
  5. I have some advice on how to clean your bags on my me page with photos and directions on how to apply, etc - click the link in my signature :smile:
  6. Thanks for the responses.

    I'm trying to clean an older LV backpack that's really dirty. It's an older model with quite a bit patina. All-in-all, in good shape just filthy.

    I have both the Apple Conditioner and Apple Garde. I was thinking of buying the Cleaner to see if it'll clean the leather up.

    I was just curious if the Cleaner would damage the leather or if there's another product that is better.
  7. Leather CPR (found at Bed Bath and Beyond among other places) is what I find works the best to clean dirty vachetta. I would not recommend the ME (magic eraser) as it is very harsh and abrasive and actually removes the vachetta. If you do use the ME make sure you condition it very well to take away the dryness the results from the ME.
  8. Jayney ~ That Is VERY Good To Know, About The Magic Eraser. I Tried It On One Bag (Very Lightly) & It Looked Slightly Cleaner.

    I Love The Magic Eraser For The Home. I Would Never Think To Use It On LV. I Read The Recommendations On PF (& Only Used On One Bag).....It Was My Choice & Everything Looks Fine. But, I Will Never Use Any Of These Products Again. As I Said Before (In Another Thread).....I Will Never Use Anything, Unless Recommended By The Maker/Designer Etc........

  9. I LOVE LEATHER CPR, I got my from Restoration Hardware. I use it on my Pottery Barn Leather Chair and all my leather hangbags. I held my breath and used it on my Speedy. I really watched it. Naturally it gets darker when you put it on and dries lighter. But I really think it patinaed my vachetta. And unfortunately the slight dirt that I hoped it would have taken off, it did NOT.

    So, for me, I will not use the LEATHER CPR on my other Speedy since I do not wish it to Patina faster.

    PF member, Chloe told me that she sprays her Speedy with Wilson Leather Spray and it keeps her vachetta whiter longer.

    I am going to try that next since I am so confused about the apple guard.... So many steps to it? Cleaner, conditioner, spray?

    All three steps are needed? I'm still learning. Thanks!
  10. I've used "Saddle Soap" to clean and then follow with a good leather lotion. Keeps the leather soft and supple.
  11. I vote for Leather CPR too. A great conditioner.
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