Apple leather care safe?

  1. I just wanted to know if apple leather care products worked well for MJ bags. Like for calf skin. I'm sure some of you ladies may have used it and just wanted to know if it does what it's supposed to do. Protecting the leather and also the cleaners.

    And how often are we supposed to apply it? Once or every so often. I'm asking this because has a 20% off code that I saw in deals and steals. Wondering if I should just get more ounces for more applications. TIA!
  2. i've used apple leather products on all of my bags with great results. the cleaner will remove any spots and stains and i condition my bags when they start looking dull and dingy. it's too bad the code was released now. i just ordered more last week. oh well. i definitely recommend these products. i have the pack that comes in the pouch and includes a cloth, but for 20% off, you'd probably get a better deal by ordering the bigger sizes.
  3. Is this okay to use on the smooshy M by MJ leather they're using this season? I've never done this before, and I'm hesitant to, but if you guys have had great results, I should probably do it to most of my bags. :shame:
  4. I've used the Apple leather cleaner & moisturizer on MJ soft calf.
    I love it. The moisturizer helps out on fine surface scratches. I've used Coach & Kiwi products as well but I now prefer Apple on everything. I even used the lotion on my brand new LV on the vachetta trim. Wonderful product. The cleaner can be a bit harsh so if the leather isn't that dirty, I use non-alcohol baby wipes. After it dries, I apply Apple lotion.
  5. what about light colored bags??? im wondering if i should moisurize my washed raisin bag...i've never had a colored leather bag like this you gals think it'd be okay to put moisurizer on the bag??
  6. I've used it on my lighter colored bags without issue. :yes:
  7. thanks melly!!!
  8. I'm about to order some of the leather care and cleaners. But before I do, what about the rain and stain repellent? Says it's safe on leather, but I know calf skin shouldn't even be exposed to water anyway or too much of sunlight. Just in case I ever got caught in rain, would this really protect it? Any experiences with this?

    I really want to care for my MJ bags. They're beautiful and I'd hate for them to look dull and start cracking. Or even stain from water marks. I guess that's a reason why they're usually sleeping in their dust bags.