Apple Leather Care First-Timer -Tips Please!

  1. Hi all!
    My order of Apple Leather Care just arrived and since I've never used a leather conditioner product, I was wondering if anyone has tips (how much conditioner, etc). Any help would be appreciated! I have a few bags I would like to condition. I know that Coach recommends putting nothing on the pebbled leather or legacy leather, but it seems that people have had good luck with the Apple conditioner on those bags. Any thoughts?

  2. Apply a liberal amount of conditioner with a non-abrasive cloth. It's hard to give an exact quantity, as different types of leathers (& how they're treated) vary in their porosity. Think of the process as one where you are applying lotion to your own skin. After your bag(s) dry, buff it.

    What's really important in leather care is avoiding mildew growth (from excessive humidity), or cracking caused from a dry environment. Regular conditioning is a good preventive; also storing your bags in cloth when not in use. NEVER STORE YOUR BAG IN PLASTIC. Leather needs to breathe, and needs exposure to circulating air.

    What's nice about the Apple products is that they contain no animal products, which cause darkening of leather. Good choice!

    Hope that helps you a little.
  3. I've been debating this too for my new leather Ali in Natural. I won't be wearing her until after Christmas but I was thinking about ordering the Apple product too...
  4. One thing I hadn't mentioned (since it sounded like Tia was conditioning bags she already had for awhile) . . . If you want to condition a new bag, the best time to do so is shortly after you've purchased it, when it's still in its new condition.
  5. Thanks for all of your advice Chrystal!
  6. You are very welcome!
  7. I just treated my whiskey Ali and she soaked up the conditioner. On the Ali boards, they swear by the Apple conditioner on the Legacy leather. I LOVE this bag and want to make her last as long as possible. I'm going to buff her out in the morning and will let you know how it turns out! Looks gorgeous so far! :tup:
  8. I just buffed her out. The leather looks great! Even more beautiful than before. Now onto my other bags.

  9. A lot goes a long way, just make to rub it in good. I would just keep that cloth handy and use it (dont wash it) to keep your bags clean when they get marked up. With the extra conditioner in the cloth it will continue to treat your bags. :smile:

    On another note, I have a leather bag I have had for about 3 yr now. I generally only use it in the winter in bag weather(refused to take my LV;s out) I have never treated the bag and it looks as good as new.

    I'm not sure why we all think they need to be treated, I guess personal preference.
  10. What do you all use to "buff" them out with? I just got a white legacy ALI and am scared to not moisturize her and scared TO moisturize her LOL what should I do? :smile:
  11. A soft cloth works nicely.
  12. I actually used a new pair of very soft sweat socks. One sock was used to apply the Apple Care and the other to buff. I've done two bage (both legacy Ali's) and they turned out great!