Apple Leather Care darkening my 07 Aquamarine Work?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I recently acquired an 07 Aquamarine Work with GGH and there are a few spots I want to moisturize since they are a little too dry for my liking. I have Apple Leather Care and was thinking about using it on my bag, but how much will it affect the current color of the bag? Will it darken it permanently or remove any shine? I love the color right now but the leather is a bit dry. Thanks :smile:
  2. I have Apple'd MANY Bal bags---and repeatedly. From White and Sahara, to Black. NO darkening. Ever. (Although I often wish that my blacks would become darker.) Please wait to hear from other tPFers so that you feel sure.
  3. Apple Care Leather Conditioner will not darken color, or remove any shine. Sometime after it is dry, buff lightly with a soft hard rubbing is necessary.

    I have heard of the leather that is stretched over the center of the buckles darkening with any moisturizer, so to be safe, skip the leather within the buckle areas. This might be especially true if it is already rubbed or marked. I do not remember if the darkened area just took longer to dry, and finally lightened up. Someone with a Caramel Shopper had that happen.
  4. Try it on the back of mirror first to see the effect if you can't be 100% sure.