Apple leather care believer thanks to you all!

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  1. After searching through the forums about apple leather care I had to order some to try it out while they had their spring sale of 20%! I have to say thanks to you girls I'm a believer of that stuff! I haven't used the garde yet, but I did use the conditioner on my leigh, and it made the leather shiny and soft! I'm thinking of just ordering the gallon while the sale is still on! :smile:

    Have any of you used the apple garde on your signature bags and coated canvas bags? I'm just wondering because I recently had to exchange my blk/white/siv carly(the bag shown as my avatar) because the black trimming somehow bled unto the gray fabric. Would apple garde prevent that?

    On a side note, I read in the pamphlet it says you can even use apple leather care inside vehicle interiors! Have any of you tried it because that would be awesome if it worked on it as well!

    Thanks for any info!
  2. I have not used it in my car but it did work well on my leather chairs in my leaving room.......the applecare.
  3. Where do you buy it from? It sounds great!
  4., 20% off until April 15 with "Spring Sale".. I need to get some soon :smile:
  5. Thanks!!! What is the conditioner called? I want to make sure to get the right stuff. :smile:
  6. I love Apple Care Moisturizer and I just stocked up again with 2 more large bottles. I wanted the gallon as well but on sale it's $60 still and I wondered if I would really use it all since I don't use it on car interiors or anything else. It's one of the best things I learned about here on tPF. It doesn't contain silicones like I've heard that Coach moisturizer does. It allows leather to breathe.
  7. Cool! Thanks for the info! I just ordered some, can't wait to try it!
  8. How do you get the sale price? Is there a promo code?
  9. We would like to invite you to take advantage of our Spring Sale!

    As a preferred customer, we would like to offer you a 20%
    discount on your next order!

    While visiting us, we encourage you to check out the discounted
    items we've added to our Specials page at:

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    To take advantage of this special offer, simply enter the promotion
    code "Spring Sale" in the "promo code" box, during your order process, and
    an additional 20% discount will be deducted from your order.
    This offer ends at midnight April 15th.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    Took this from the Deals & Steals forum :smile:
  10. Whoohoo!!! I forgot to order this stuff last week. Thanks so much for the link! How Awesome that you can use Paypal!! I will be bookmarking this site!
  11. oh no i'm sorry to hear about your carly i have the same bag. I sprayed my bag with this water/stain repellent i wonder if that helps? i have had no probs with my carly and i got it wet in the rain once! The spray must help!!! i would try it
  12. I know a number of people sprayed their canvas handles on the pink heritage stripe tote because of color transfer... I sprayed mine as well but then I sold the bag so I don't know if it helped or not haha! However, I will tell you that when I sprayed the handles with apple garde it discolored the leather part on the handle for like...three days (I was FREAKING out!!!!) but it eventually went into the leather or evaporated or something and the leather went back to PERFECT. Just be careful not to over-spray an area (as it tells you on the can) otherwise you will freak out like I did!

    Thanks for the sale info as well, I haven't used mine all up yet as I don't have a lot of leather bags but I will be sure to look for sales in the future!
  13. It's fantastic and lasts a long time - I use it on all my Bal's too!