Apple Laptops

  1. Hi everyone I was just wondering if people with APPLE laptops could give me some advice. My mum has offered to buy me one for christmas and she said that I can pick a laptop of my choice and I really would like an Apple one, they just look unique. can someone post the basic info on these and below are some of my questions. Thankyou everyone

    1. Can I get MSN messenger even though its not microsoft ?

    2. Are the games different ?

    3. What type of software will run on these ?

    4. Can you post pics of the new models and sizes that the model comes in (Im looking for a small one)

    5. Are all of them wireless ?

    Please could you add any other info to this which might me useful. Thanks :flowers:
  2. 1. yes but i prefer to use adium for msn. msn messenger is actually bundled with osx if i'm not mistaken. might have come with microsoft office but i deleted it straight away. not that it matters, it's a free download anyway.

    2. yes but it's possible to install windows on current apple laptops and run your old games on that, as long as they're for windows xp.

    3. not sure what you mean by what type but anything you can run on windows if you choose to install it (windows, and then of course the application as well) as well, and then the apple specific software you can buy too obviously. i haven't bothered installing windows at all, i hate using it an i'm perfectly content using the software that is available for osx. not to mention that i'm not exactly what you'd call a hard-core gamer :roflmfao:

    4. have a look on, they're all there. you'd probably be best off with the macbook (not pro), i would've gotten that myself but i really had to upgrade when i did and the macbook pro came out earlier so i got that.

    5. yes, have been for years!
  3. Thankyou so much, your a doll ! :flowers:
  4. no problem!

    i think there's also a £100 off an ipod offer going on now if you buy a laptop so it seems to be a good time to buy :graucho:
  5. haha lol too bad I allready have one :Push: but that red one is Hot. I looked on and the one you said is perfect but I want a smaller one in the same model, is this made ??. I have saw some smaller ones before but I dont know if their made in this model. Also should I get black or white ?...Im worried about it getting dirty.
    My mum will probably buy it from a store like PC world or currys, somewhere like that, but I hope they have the up to date models. She doesnt want me there with her when her and my dad buy it so I need to give her the exact model etc cause she allways get something wrong ! :sweatdrop:.

    Do they do coloured ones, red or orage would be hot, or are these older models ?.

    Thankyou :flowers:
  6. they only do black and white now, there were green and orange ones back in ummm '99 i think? but i don't think you'd want one of those :lol: other than as an ornament i guess.. the 13" is too big? there isn't a smaller one at the moment, but i wouldn't be surprised if the macbook pro came out in a 12" model some time soon. i like a decent sized screen though, and a full sized keyboard for sure (and i have tiny hands so i don't get how anyone with bigger hands could stand to type on a teeny keyboard at any decent sort of speed). i'd be very surprised if they came out with anything smaller than 12" though, apple have never been about making the smallest computers, user friendly is their thing. i'm actually typing on my mum's macbook now, i love it, maybe even more than my own (shhhhh!), i love the keys. it's not particularly heavy, but i'm used to lugging a 15" macbook pro, and before that a 15" powerbook around so of course i'd think it's light. but it's muscle building :biguns:

    and please don't go to pc world, they're awful. if you're a student you'll get a discount of just under 10% or so, your parents can still pay for it but it'll be cheaper, so get it straight from apple, either online or from an apple store. oh and get apple care, i swear it stops your computer from breaking down :lol:

    as for the ipod, i'd buy one anyway and ebay it :lol:
  7. oooo Interesting, thanks for the info. I actually hate PC world, I was forced to work there for a week on a trident at school :yucky:.
    We dont have an apple shop anywhere near us so I dont really know where I can buy one from, My mum never uses net sites like to buy anything and I would NEVER buy a laptop from Ebay :s .
    So that must be the one Ive seen, it must been quite small IRL.
    I actually just remebered that Selfridges in Manchester actually sell apple stuff like computers etc so I wonder if they have the laptops :confused1:.
    I will possibly buy one from there!. Thanks for all your info, you've been a great help :flowers:
  8. i've been using apple for years since college. i'm in graphic design, photography and video. so apple is the best computer for my field.
    i also love the design a lot and there's def. less virus on apple :P

    1. Can I get MSN messenger even though its not microsoft ?
    i'm also using adium like annanas, it's way better. i can go online on my yahoo and msn messenger on adium alone. you can download it from the net.

    2. Are the games different ?
    i'm not a gamer, so i'm not sure about this. but i think there's lots of games software available for mac now.

    3. What type of software will run on these ?
    Mac OS. you'll receive the software on your computer purchase. it's so easy to install the program, you can just follow from the instructions on the instruction book they'll give you.

    4. Can you post pics of the new models and sizes that the model comes in (Im looking for a small one)
    check on Apple
    you'll get all the information you need.
    i think you should know what you're going to do on your computer before decided on your purchase.
    if you'll only need them for basic needs like typing or photoshop, go for the cheaperst one. the mac book 13" 1.83 GHZ for 1,099$.

    5. Are all of them wireless ?
    YES! i'm proud to say that i think apple is the first computer to include wireless technology built-in!

    good luck!
  9. Thankyou so much seahorseinstripes and annanas, I cant wait till I pick it. I think I will go some day this week to look at one and maybe try it out. Then I'll give the info of which one I want to my mum and dad ! :smile:
  10. :yahoo:

    another thing, with the black one you do pay extra just for the colour, about £90 on top of the price if you got the white one with exactly the same spec. get the best you can afford to because you'll probably have to live with it for a while (i upgrade every three years as a rule).
  11. Yeah your totally right, I love the white but dont want it to get too dirty. I think the laptop which you suggested retails for around £550 ?? If Im correct that takes up most of my budget which was about £600 at a stretch :smile:
  12. not sure about the dirt, but i don't think it would be a huge problem, dirt certainly isn't an issue for ipods and i don't think i ever saw a dirty ibook. you won't get one for £600 though, even with a student discount the cheapest is £705ish. i think you might have to negotiate a raise in budget ;) or fly to the US and buy one there :lol:
  13. i love the white! it's classic apple :P
  14. I have an iBook G4, and it doesn't get dirty, but it's very hard to keep clean.(it's white.) Getting an apple computer is a great choice, I love machintosh, and I will never switch back to windows. You'll love it!!
  15. Yeah Im totally wrong on prices, I keep goin on the US site and then doing a conversion :Push:. My mum and dad will probably stretch to that lol :graucho: :graucho: I hope :P