Apple Laptop & Internet

  1. I have a MacBook and I'm being really nooby right now. I usually use it at school to take notes so I get wireless internet connection on campus. But my stupid question is, how can I get the internet connection from the modem I have for my home computer to work for my laptop?

    I am not trying to share the internet connection between the two computers.

    I have already tried plugging in the modem cable into my laptop's ethernet jack and it still has not worked.
  2. I am assuming your computer is set in airport mode since you have been using wireless. What you have to do is go to system preferences and click on network and then from there change it to ethernet. I have an iBook, but I imagine it must be the same. Let me know if it works!
  3. I did that already and it didn't work. :sad:
  4. Okay, so when you go to system preferences, the only one that is activated(has a green light) is the ethernet slot, right? The rest are all deactivated/have a red light?
    Also, does your configuration have the correct name of the ISP you are trying to use(like comcast, SBC, etc.) or does it say the one used at school or does it say automatic?
  5. I changed it from the school's name to 'automatic' to 'home'. Still nothing works. I am going to BestBuy tomorrow to ask the Geek Squad before I buy my router. Thanks a lot for trying to help me though! :smile:

    And if anyone knows how this can easily be achieved, please still feel free to post.
  6. first of all you have to turn OFF airport. you can do that by right clicking the airport icon in the top left. Plug in the ethernet cable and go into system prefs>network>ethernet If the cable is plugged in it should be green or yellow. You may have to manually set it up with the passwords and stuff. Are you running leopard or tiger
  7. I think you may have a problem with your IP addresses, subnet, etc., then. When I first got my laptop, I used an ethernet cord for a while, then I decided to get a router, I bought the router, and it took me literally about 3 days to finally figure it all out. I called comcast(thinking it was a problem with that), and no one knew anything, but the information they gave me helped me to do it on my own, so I googled the information the lady told me I needed to do(since she didn't know), then I had to reset or change all that stuff.
    These are the directions she told me a while back:sad:these are directions to go from ethernet to airport, though.)
    Go to network
    Ethernet intégré
    Configure IPv4-using DHCP
    (and from here, I don't know if this is the correct order, once again, this is information I have written down that was a combination of the computer person on the phone from comcast and info. I found on google.)
    and then the IP, Subnet, and Router boxes will need to have numbers entered into them, I got them from the lady on the phone. Then there is something you have to do with the Default Gateway, Prefferred DNS server, and Alternate DNS, then you press okay, but the directions that I wrote when I did all this, I didn't specify about it.
    And then I think it is configure IPv4 using DHCP manually.
    I doubt any of this will help your situation, but it may be your problem. I agree that going to the Geek Squad is the best idea. That is what my plan was if I couldn't have done it myself. But if they can't figure it out(they probably will), hopefully the information I just provided might help get you started if it came to that. But use this information as a last resort and as a foundation/basis of what you might need to do.
    It's very frustrating all this computer stuff! Good luck!
  8. What is your ISP? I think instead of having home or school in there, it should have the name of your ISP, like comcast or SBC global, unless somehow the "home" is already set up/coorelates with your ISP.