Tech Apple iPad Air 4 (2020)


Oct 7, 2006
I am in need of a new iPad and now I'm debating between the iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 11, and iPad Air. My MacBook Air works, but has definitely slowed down so this will be something of a laptop replacement. I use my iPad Mini all of the time, but it's also gotten old and isn't quite big enough. I would like something that can fit in a medium/large handbag without issue. I'll be getting the MagicKeyboard to go with it.

I'd love thoughts on the various models. I know the new iPad Air comes with the newer 14A processing chip, but a maximum of 256gb memory. I would probably go with a Pro with 500gb or a Terabyte of memory, but I wonder if the 14A processor is that much faster than the 12Z.