Apple Guardé

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  1. Should I do this outside? Is 30 minutes enough time for it to dry and then for me to carry the bag? Do you worry about hardware? TIA!
  2. Hey there - are you putting this on your new Preston mini? I've never used it but am very curious as to how others use it.
    Good luck! Oh, are you finding the mini to be large enough for you?
  3. I haven't worried about it so far, but I was warned not to use anything on the pebbled leather borough. The instructions on that bag say to clean it with a dry cloth. I spattered water on it and the pebbled leather repelled the water. So I am not going to spray that one for now.

    I have sprayed fabric, smooth leather (glove-tanned?), and some vachetta handles with no problems. I wipe off the hardware after it dries but I really don't know if it does anything. I test on a tag.

    Look at the care instructions and if they seem pretty liberal, I would think you'd be OK. Test first though.

    I spray outside. I bring the spray and bag inside to dry. A half hour should be enough time between coats. It may depend on humidity - don't know. I let it dry 24 hours before I store or use the bag.
  4. 30 minutes is plenty of time for it to dry and you to carry it. I don't worry about hardware at all.
  5. I just sprayed a bag this morning and I did it outside. The stuff stinks. I left it outside for 30 minutes on the covered patio, but I think it would be fine to let it dry inside. I was really happy that I could still smell the leather on my bag after the Apple Garde dried. :smile: Good luck!

  6. I want to, yes. So far, so good! You know the one thing that I know I'll miss is carrying a water bottle. I will often pick up a bottle of water somewhere during the day if I'm out and it ends up in my purse.
  7. Thanks ladies! I definitely want to spray mine and DD's Preston.
  8. I have sprayed it on Legacy bags, Madison bags, Bleecker and Borough (including Vachetta). DEFINITELY spray it outside, the chemical smell lasted for hours when I once did it inside. It dries quickly and protects really well -- I even did my 7-year-old daughter's white sandals with cloth flowers and vinyl straps and the dirt wiped right off after she wore them. The product is excellent and it hasn't caused a bit of damage or discoloration to any bag. The only ones I haven't tried are python embossed (with the lifting scales, on the white/robin Candace) and the haircalf. I can't recommend it enough!
  9. I've used AG on everything. Even on "sparkle" leather like this older poppy pocket hobo .... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396065435.476069.jpg

    I've had no issues. And I've gone thru multiple cans. It's done no damage to brass, gold-plated or silver HW. Weather permitting , I've sprayed outside. If not, I put my handbag in a big , empty shipping box and spray away in my unfinished storage room.

    If you think of any qs, lmk. I should buy stock in leatherware goods. Lol

  10. Any thoughts on whether I can spray AG on my python (embossed, lifting scales) Candace (white with robin interior)? I just don't know what the leather can handle, Coach says to put nothing on it, but it's WHITE, ya know?
  11. I sprayed mine inside and out and it's fine.
  12. I've never used it on anything. I spray leather protector on suede....other than that I don't use anything on any of my bags and never had any issues.
  13. Awesomeness! I will definitely be taking it outside to spray today! *I* can see the denim transfer starting but DH thinks I'm seeing things. I know if I let it go, it will only get worse and then I'll be kicking myself!
  14. There are a few GREAT videos on YouTube that are how to's on spraying your bag. If memory serves they do say to protect your hardware...this was specific to LV.

    Hope that helps!
  15. Haven't watched the video yet, but I may have used too much to carry it within the half hour, plus it's pouring. :sad: