Apple Guard v. Lovin My Bags?

  1. Has anyone used both the Apple Guard leather products and the products? I am trying to figure out if there is a big difference in the results or not? I have the appleguard, but for an older bag, not sure if I see great results.

    Any tips for cleaning with the Apple Guard to get rid of scratches? TIA
  2. i have to say that i didn't have a good experience with Apple Guard on my HH bags (in saddle) or on a light colored Bulga. i found that the cleanser and conditioner darkened the leather and the cloth provided in the Apple Gard Care kit left fine scratches on the leather - it was not baby soft enough. i know others have had better luck on their bags (even some HH's i think?), but i won't go near that stuff again if it's 'unfinished' leather like HH's.

    i'm actually ind of scared of liquid cleaners/conditioners now altogether, so maybe i will try a spray protectant to dip my toe in the water.

    i am loving using my white eraser on all kinds of bags (not just light colored ones) and it's been great... but that won't really help your scratch problem :sad: