apple guard questions

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  1. I searched the forum and could not find the answers to my questions1. do you need to use the spray and the "lotion" together to get the effects?2. can you use it on vachetta that has already started to patina? (what will it do?)3. can it be used on suhali?4. does the appleguard clean, condition or protect (or all the above)?
  2. Apple Garde is the name of the rain repellent, if you are looking for the cleaner/conditioner, it's called Apple Leather Care. And you should only use the conditioner on vachetta that has already began to acquire patina.
  3. I personally wouldn't use any products on the Suhali. It's already been treated to have its own protection unlike naked vachetta. Suhali leather is a really rare goat leather so you don't want to mess with that! Plus the chemistry of the leather may be different from the other types of leather that Apple Garde is approved for and hurt the finish?? The only thing I would use is babywipes on Suhali, and only alcohol-free types.
  4. I think Apple Leather Care is safe to use on goat leather (I haven't tried it, hence "think"!!!) since the conditioner is for exotic leathers as well.
  5. isn't balenciaga bags goat leather? they use appleguard all the time
    alos.. where do i get shining monkey?
  6. How often do you spray Apple Garde? How many coats?
  7. and how do you spray it? what do you prefer shining monkey or apple garde? do they darken/patina the vachetta
  8. hi - i'm about to purchase some cleaning items but can somebody tell me the difference between apple guard's

    leather care

    leather cleaner

    and leather care kit which includes both the cleaner and conditioner


    i have some pretty badly soiled leather (denim color stains, but mostly water stains i'm worried about) - which is the best and the most inclusive?? is it best to get both the cleanr and conditioner (the care kit) and if so whats the difference between the care kit ($12 - cleaner and conditioner) and the leather care ($5 - supposedly cleans conditions, and protects all smooth leather in one)

    thanks in advance . ineed it soon!
  9. This is what I do.....I use the AG spray first on my brand new vachetta. I spray it on a rag and wipe it on the vachetta. I let that sit for 24 hours. I then take the conditioner and put it on....let it sit for 24 hours. This is what I do and it works for me. I've never had any problems and my vachetta looks good. I use appleguard. I've never used the cleaner as it's way too harsh.
  10. What is needed for a new Monogram Speedy 35 not carried before as I live in area of rain, snow? Do I need to get Applecare, and the Appleguard as well to protect?
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