Apple Guard Leather conditioner?

  1. ^ You sound like me ! I'm selling some bags on eBay and I can't believe they are in such great condition !

    I also would like to know if anyone uses Apple guard on their coated canvas bags.

    I have a feeling I will be spending a few hours in my closet when I get this stuff protecting ALL my leather bags. I've never ever used anything on my bags..this will be a first for me.
  2. So after a little thought I decided to go ahead and order the conditioner and the stain repellent...I know that it wont take the wrinking away from the straps but at least it will prevent them from chipping I do not know what I would do if that happend...I wish they had something made specifically for coated canvas...better yet, I wish L.A.M.B had a line of care products.
  3. ^ Agreed! L.A.M.B. needs to make a special formula of anti-wrinkle stuff for the painted strap. I asked an sa what they would recommend once and they just told me that there's nothing out there specifically for paint on top of leather so she couldn't really help :s