Apple Guard Leather conditioner?

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  1. I know this was already discussed in another forum but I can't remember where and don't really want to search through all of them.
    But, where can I buy these conditioners? And, are they good on all leather bags as well as the coated canvas ones?

  2. i just ordered the cleaner, conditioner, and stain/rain repellent from they have coupon code that works for 20% off, use spring sale.. shipping is $5 with USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation..
  3. ^ Oh cool..gonna go check it out now..thanks
  4. i'm ordering the same. when does the 20% reflect? i'm at an the checkout and it's not reflected
  5. enter the spring sale @ coupon code box and it will show on the next step.. :tup:
  6. i am such an idiot - i used all caps and didn't space out the word. figured, i;ll go to the next page to enter my cc # and it would give me one final step before "Place orde" .
    Well, it didn't ! I'm so pissed. I just called and no one answered. I left a message to have them call me back to credit me the 20%..they better
  7. hmmm..
    hopefully they'll credit you the 20%.. try emailing them too at
  8. they just emailed me and will honor the coupon. ok, i'm a happy camper and cheap:roflmfao:
    i can spend hundreds on a bag but i must save those couple of bucks :smile:
  9. ^ I'm sure they'll honor the coupon, just send them an email like indi said
  10. lol I was too late! Glad they gave you the discount :tup:
  11. sounds like me too.. :Push::lol:
  12. You probably saw it on the Coach forum.. we discuss this all the time over there. :P Apple is excellent! They also have excellent customer service. I use it on my leather bags all the time, and it's free of silicones... so it allows the leather to breathe.

    I'm just curious how you guys care for your coated canvas bags?? I only have the ombre rasta at the moment and a couple of Dooneys like this, but just curious how it holds up over time, etc. I've seen some white coated canvas that's yellowed under display lights. Any advice is appreciated...thanks!! :tup:
  13. ^ I actually haven't done anything to my coated canvas LAMBs, not even leather conditioning! I have a bunch that just get rotated so none of mine even show wear, so I haven't really thought about caring for them yet...although now I am! I'm interested to see how other people care for their canvas LAMBs.

  14. Me too! I have so many bags that usually I don't worry so much except for the color transfer issue with jeans.
  15. ^ Yes! Color transfer from jeans is the worst and I'm really scared about it happening with my frosted silver lucca, so I am exxxttrraaa careful with that one.

    I'm happy that because there are so many, none of my bags show any wear and are still in new condition, but at the same time I am sad that I don't get to give each one as much love as I would like!