Apple Guard for my new HH bags?

  1. Just got my white Lorca and my bittersweet Gaza and there was a paper in there saying something about treating the leather to prevent water spots, and cleaning the leather occasionally.

    Would Apple guard be the best for this? Is it ok on white leather? I've never treated a bag before but now I have some nice ones (RM MAM, BE Love me, LP Dylan) plus a really light tan one I found at Macy's. Should I treat all of them or only certain bags?

    I just spray it on in light strokes like when you do shoes right? How often do I need to clean and condition them?

    And if the white bag gets dirty (which Im sure it will), does the AG cleaner work well or should I try something else?
  2. I treat all my bags -- leather, suede, nylon -- with Apple Garde waterproofing spray before using them for the first time. I use a gentle leather cleaner that I got from a now-defunct North Beach Leather store to clean my bags -- I've found that the AG cleaner can be a bit too harsh on some dyed bags (i.e. strips the color).

    If I really really like the bag, I'll remember to clean/condition/spray every other year. :rolleyes:

    I've used Apple Garde spray on white, red, black, brown, orange, & tan (not all on the same bag, mind you!) leather bags w/o any problems.
  3. ^^
    thanks! So, the spray sounds like a good one. What about a more gentle cleaner/conditioner...any suggestions?
    This white Lorca is such soft leather I know its going to get some marks and I want to be prepared lol
  4. bumping....anyone else? Im worried about the white bag
    (white bag + 8 kids = problem waiting to happen lol)