Apple Guard discounts?

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  1. Anyone have discount codes for apply guard products?
    I did a search and doesn't seem like there has been anything lately. Last one was in April.

  2. Contributed by fivespice on Leatherstuff thread I just bumped (post #32)

    They revived the code for us! Use code "purseforum" for 20% off until the end of July. Enjoy!
  3. thanks bagachondriac! made my purchase =)
  4. ugh! I just purchased from them yesterday!!
  5. ooh thanks! I couldn't find any working codes anywhere else.
  6. thanks Bag!
  7. Hope it still works today! Gotta reorder NOW!!
  8. Yay! Still worked on August 1 --
  9. Any chance they'd reactivate the code "purseforum" - forever :smile:

    I keep running out :sad:
  10. The purseforum code worked for me today.
  11. Ohh great to know they are on ebay too! However, I buy all my stuff at Burlington Coat Factory. I just wish they carried the cleaner too.
  12. Thanks! I just bought some stuff. I found out today that my new denim shorts have stained my also new cream Treesje bag, so hopefully this will work...
  13. the code is still working today! Thanks a lot.