Apple Guard Conditioner it normal to have color on the towel!? HH BAGS!

  1. I just applied the Apple cleaner and conditioner to my Rebecca Minkoff and noticed some blue color was on the cloth I was using. Is that normal?

    Also, I did the same thing to my HH gaza satchel in Prune. WHen I was done there was purple on the cloth...

    Please advise
  2. The cleaner is harsher and will remove some of the color. The conditioner is a gentler cleaner, so next time, consider starting with that first. I learned this lesson the hard way, so I always test first, regardless if I'm using the cleaner or the conditioner.
  3. I would never use the Appple cleaner all over a bag, only very cautiously in a small area. I have found it will noticeably remove color.

    However I have used the conditioner (Apple Leather Care) on many Balenciaga and HH bags without a problem. I often do see some color come off on the cloth but it is not enough to make a difference in the appearance of the leather.

    The only problem I have ever had was using the conditioner on my chalk havana -- it darkened the leather very slightly.
  4. It has removed color on my Botkiers, but not on my MJs... I think it depends on the dye that was used on the bag. I notice that certain of my bags have color that wears off more naturally anyway and those are usually the same bags that lose color when treated with apple guard or other cleaners.

    always test on a small part inside first, is my advice, because you never know.
  5. I agree with HitchcockBlonde. It just depends on the bag...
  6. I've used the conditioner on my black HH Nico and didn't see any color rub off. A couple of my other non-HH bags did, though. I think leather cleaners in general tend to take color off of naked leathers.