1. wow that is really gorgeous!!
  2. it's gorgeous!!!!! yummmmyyyyyy:drool: :heart:
  3. pretty! damn, when is balenciaga going to release a bright color like that again? I am so in the mood for a bright color right now. I'm not an apple green girl though.
  4. wow wow wow!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
    I want I want I want!
    But...... USD$1700??
    I am currently broke... :sad::crybaby::hysteric:
    piggybank is :shrugs:
  5. Oh lordy! This is my dream bag in this style! I want it too!!! Sigh. This sucks.
  6. I don't know. I really go crazy:upsidedown: for apple green and I badly want one , but I usually wear the city and I don't know if I am sure about the twiggy size.

    I know there are two citys as well for sale on ebay but they are not in such mint condition, and I don't know if I am really confortable with having somebody else's signs of wear on my bag.:confused1:
    I wish I could find a city in this condition.

    What would you advice girls?

    On the other hand I was wondering that this grass green color they are talking about for spring 07 might be very close to apple green, and that could be an occasion to own a very similar but brand new one

    :upsidedown: I don't know what to do, please HELP!:upsidedown:
  7. Well- it sounds like you would probably get more use out of a city. Personally, for me, I don't mind used bags but if you couldn't deal with a used bag then just wait for the new colors.
  8. Thank you Zacorey for you advise. Very much appreciated!
  9. it's gone :sad:. looks like the seller probably had a change of heart.