apple green twiggy on ebay with BIN

  1. That thing is adorable!!
  2. That bag is beautiful and the seller is legit, she's a fellow TFSer!
  3. I love that apple green so much...almost as much as teal! Should I get it? I have bought 3 bbags in the past month, I think. One of which was today. :shocked: But it is gorgeous...
  4. OOooh I think Nhelle wanted an apple green twiggy, but she's reserved an apple hobo so I dunno? I hope someone from here gets it!
  5. Beautiful!!!!! :graucho:
  6. Ohh..I don't want to be rude and an auction stealer! I will let someone else have it who wanted an apple green twiggy more than I did!

    ...I never know what are the rules and proper ettiquette when it has to do with eBay and the forum. :amuse:
  7. It's gone. Did you get it, Edna?
  8. ^^ Nope, I was afraid to be rude! I think on another thread, somoene mentioned something about people swooping in on auctions that other PFers really wanted? :hrmm: I like it here and don't want to make anyone mad. :smile:
  9. pretty, authentic and from a trusted seller/buyer! congrats to whoever got it!
  10. Edna - what did you get today?!?! :smile:
  11. Edna--For future reference, I don't think people can reserve bags on eBay. I think you're entitled to bid on what you want and that it's not considered rude (am I wrong about this?)
  12. fiatflux - I got a Magenta First! It's arriving from BalNY tomorrow. :biggrin:

    - Thanks for clearing that up for me! I suppose it was better off that I hesitated anyhow as I've done enough damage already. I really ought to go and freeze my credit cards in a block of ice and save it for an emergency. Like a Teal City or Work. :lol: :heart:
  13. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. I hope it went to a pfer it is gorgeous! :love:
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