Apple Green Twiggy at Bob Ellis

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  1. Are my eyes deceiving me (maybe too many hours spent at work?!?!); but this looks like an Apple Green Twiggy to me ... - select Handbags and then Balenciaga
    Apple Green Twiggy - Bob Ellis.jpg
  2. Or emerald green twiggy under bright lighting?

    CeeJay, it's time for you to get out and have a drink! :lol:
  3. No its not the apple green, I believe it is the...... oh man Im brain fading......... not the emerald......its the.........anyone??? Its on the tip of my tongue.
  4. Oh, so it is the emerald. Wasnt sure about that.:shame:
  5. Ha :biggrin: ... now you're talking!!!! Seriously, I do need one (or two, or three ...!!!).

    Wow ... that's the Emerald color? My City is a heck of a lot darker! Then again, I saw an Ink Purse the other day that you would swear was not Ink but an Indigo ... just goes to show you that there are differences ...
  6. Could be origan. Depends on the light. It looks VERY light for an emerald.
  7. It's definitely Emerald. First of all, it's just the lighting on this one, but there's also a huge variation in many of the colors. I have 2 Inks: one is almost navy/black with no purple undertones (even outdoors), the other is much lighter/clearly navy with purple undertones. The Rouilles also vary greatly, as did the Lilacs. Makes life just a little more interesting.:nuts: This one is clearly Emerald though.
  8. Def. emerald - its just under a ridiculously bright overhead light.

    Poor CeeJay - we really need to find you an Apple bag.
  9. There is one out there for you! Cristina found one for like $800! Keep the faith!
  10. ooh thats pretty. its not apple green, but its still a lovely color!
  11. OMG! did you girls see the hellacious fake apple green city on eBay? What a joke!
  12. 0o0o0o thats a different green - ceejay *hugs* i know you'll find your apple green b-bag!
  13. Close but no cigar, Ceejay! You'll find your Apple Green baby real soon! Not to worry....
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