Apple Green Twiggy--$1325 BIN

  1. If this was a city I'd buy it in a second!! I've bought from this seller about five times at least and she is wonderful!!
  2. Don't tell me that!! :sweatdrop: *sits on hands*
  3. Yep, actually I have a photo of hers as my wallpaper on my computer! She has an amazing city collection and I love looking at all of the colors!! :nuts:
  4. Ohh Glimmer .... go for it :yes: - it's such a fantastic bag and the color is GORGEOUS :drool: - good luck however you decide :flowers:
  5. It is so pretty, I agree go for it Glimmer!
  6. :drool: Oh my! Is is just my imagination or has there been an abundance of incredible bags showing up recently? Somebody buy it please!!! I am going to have to do more than sit on my's so beautiful!
  7. That bag is gorgeous!! If I didn't already have an apple green city I'd be all over this! The leather looks incredible and it's a very reasonable price!!
  8. It has been raining apple greens on ebay lately. It seems to me that either people are selling these to buy some of the new colors or b-bags are starting to be less fashionable. Who cares, I like them anyway. What do you think?

  9. I'm leaning toward your first theory! Most of the gals I know are selling to buy new ones! I think it was pfer chauswhore who told me when I first discovered the pf, that the bags seem to rotate between the gals here! Either way it's a good thing, especially when gorgeous bags in mint condition become available like this one!
  10. that is a great bag and a great seller.:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. I'll never sell my apple green!
  12. I have purchase from this seller as well and she has some of the best stuff!!
    Somebody needs to adopt that adorable apple green twiggy. YUM!
  13. I'm still peeking in on that bag every few hours. I wish someone else would put me out of my misery!
  14. The more I see the apple green the more I love it, I went thru a green phase abouy 10 years ago...hmmm...I havent seen the twiggy in person, how big is it? I'm 5'9 and dont want a teeny bag. Cause SIZE DOES MATTER!