Apple Green Sheen leather

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  1. Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

    I FINALLY finalized my BEC order from the August promotion and ended up choosing a Make Me Smile with apple green sheen leather, fuchsia lining, no messenger and longer straps.

    I'm you consider apple green sheen to be a colour you can wear all year round or is it a seasonal colour? If it's seasonal...which season? LOL I'm so bad at the whole colour for the season thing but really wanted a green bag.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Coached..This sounds like a lovely bag for sure! The Apple sheen is a very 'juicy' colour, and the fuchsia lining complements it wonderfully:smile:

    I believe you can use it all year round! When it's dark and gloomy in the Winter this bag will stand out and cheer up!

    Personally I use all colours all year round..for me it's more my mood choosing which bag I will use than the weather or season.

    You must post pics when she arrives!
  3. I agree with Bonnie, carry it whenever you want. Will go lovely with summer colours and brighten up a dark coat in winter.

    TBH I've never once looked at someone and thought that they were carrying a bag "out of season", what's that about!:nuts:
  4. I agree with Bonnie and Tote...I don't think a bag is one season or another...I just carry whatever suits my mood at the time!

    I think your bag will be beautiful...can't wait to see it!
  5. I agree with the other ladies! I carry bags all year. There are some colors that don't 'feel' right to me in winter but I choose whether I carry them or not. I don't base my choice on anyone's rules or preferences! LOL! I think apple green would be a lovely color to carry on a dull winter day! I love colors in winter that brighten up the world! :sunshine:
  6. I agree that bag colors don't have to be super seasonal. I have a bright orange hold me, and I've used it every day since it arrived last November! Like Tote Girl, in the winter it brightens me up!
  7. I agree with all the ladies - I wear what I want based on my mood and the colour palette I have on. Fuschia is a bright pop of colour in the winter as is turquoise so I say if you love the apple sheen, then wear it whenever you want!
  8. Apple Green and Fuchsia sound like a flower. Flowers grow all year long! Ever seen pansies blooming in the snow? They'll take your breath away. Be a Flower Girl. The planet needs more flowers!!
  9. Bright colors are cheerful and just make you and everyone around you feel good. I think they can be carried year round and match your outfits. I'm definitely a bright color kind of gal (but I'm sure all of you have already figured that out).
  10. Quite agree! The apple sheen is gorgeous and you should wear it when the mood takes you! I wear my red, cobalt and fuchsia bags all year round and they brighten my day!

    Enjoy you gorgeous bag and the world will smile with you!
  11. Thanks so much ladies! We've just run into some issues regarding zippers, so we're just trying to find a solution. Hopefully she'll be home with me in a few weeks!!!
  12. Oh yes, check the colour. I can remember a year or so ago someone got a green bag and the green zipper colour clashed horribly.
  13. Yes, Tote is right. I think someone had an apple wax bag but the green zipper was more of a mint green - didn't work at all! Ask them to send you a picture of the zipper next to the leather to be on the safe side!
  14. I can't WAIT to see pictures of this bag!! :smile:
  15. If memory serves, I believe it was finzup's wax green WTM.

    Coached Obsessio, I love green and cannot wait to see this BE of yours, I think it is going to be beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!