Apple Green or Emerald?

  1. Hi ladies! I was just wondering what color you preferred? Apple Green or Emerald? They both are gorgeous and I don't know which to pick!
  2. Apple!
  3. Emerald.

    It would be more functional and suitable for more occasions for me than apple green.
  4. I like the apple green!
  5. Emerald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. emerald, for sure. apple green is way to bright for me. i like it on others, though.
  7. I got both :yahoo:

    I love the Emerald, it goes with more of my outfits.
  8. Emerald!! I have one too!! Love it!! :happydance:
  9. I like the emerald.
  10. apple.:greengrin:
  11. Apple!!
  12. Emerald. As much as I love the playfulness of apple, I don't find it nearly as functional as emerald. Emerald goes with a lot of colors. Good luck! ;)
  13. i have emerald and it is gorgeous! :heart:
  14. Anyone want to see a photo of the Apple and Emerald next to each other to help decide?:graucho:

    No....I'm not trying to show off my babies.....:angel:
  15. Show them off! Show them off!!!!!!
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