Apple Green HOBO ... worth it?

  1. Hi girls!!

    I was just wondering whether it's worth it to spend over retail for an apple green hobo.. i can't decide!

    I'm dying for an apple green.. but in the work or city size...but i found a brand new apple green hobo.. but i'd have to pay quite a lot for it because of exchange rates.... which is more than retail if I bought from Balenciaga NY...

    I dont really like paying over retail for the ALMOST perfect but not so perfect bag..... cuz i really want a city or work...

    but ohhh.. the colour......

    what to do?? heeellpp??
  2. I paid $1100 for my apple green first & have never regretted it! The color is absolutly to die for!
  3. i dont think that color is available anymore, so i guess its up to you if u want to spend that sort of money, but if u dont want it then make sure u let me know cuz i really want a green balenciaga hobo LOL...
    but i hope u get it :d
  4. If you think you wouldnt regret it then definitely get it.
    But if you think you wouldn't be as pleased with it -then wait for your city or work because I'm sure you will eventually be able to find one. :yes: However, the color is beautiful and tempting! And please do pass it along if you decide not to get it. =) Im in the wagon for my first Balenciaga bag. :shame:

    Keep us updated! =)
  5. i really love the colour.. i'm just not a fan of the hobo....

    but it's sooo prettttyy!! just not sure if the hobo will look nice on me..
  6. Its a rounder shape on the shoulder and Im sure it'll look fabulous on you! Its just your personal preferance if you like bags like hobos resting on your shoulders or bags normally carried by the mid-arm.

    When I first saw the hobo and twiggy I wasn't a fan of them either, but then after several pictures i grew to love the shape. Perhaps, you will too!

    Just a random though, I think the First has the most unflattering shape.:Push:
  7. I love the apple green color and I love my light pink hobo bag, but I'm thinking that in green it might be a bit too much for that size bag. But that is just IMO =]
    Either way still very tempting. If you do get it please do post a pic of you wearing it.
  8. I think another member has an apple green hobo? It's definitely a bright (but lovely) color. The hobo style has started to grow on me more and more. Look through some of the old photos on the forum (use the search tool maybe to help you narrow down the threads) I think it'll help you sway one way or another ;)
  9. Hmmm that is a hard decision. I understand the need to get a colour you so deperately want but if it's over retail, might as well spend the money on the size you want right? I'm sure you'll find one eventually!
  10. acegirl just got this bag!
  11. You could always purchase the apple hobo and if and when your dream bag pops up, just resell it. I really love my apple city, out of all my Bbags the color is my fav. Let us know what you decide! You will LOVE apple IRL!
  12. Ooooh - I'd kill for the hobo in that colour. Apple Green really is my favie colour! :love:
  13. yes, yes, you should totally go for it waterfalls :yes:...the green apple color is sooooooooooo cool & the hobo is one of my favorite b-bag styles :heart:
  14. Totally agree!! The apple is gorgeous, if you decide you don't like the hobo you will have no problem finding a new home for her! :yes:
  15. Have you seen the picture in acegirl's thread "my balenciaga apple orchard" ? The apple green Hobo looks absolutely GORGEOUS :yes: !!