Apple green Hobo scam goes on

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that I have purchased another scam on
    eBay, nothing bad about eBay, but the way it can happen very
    eBay seller lux...63 had sold me the same bag she sold to a very
    nice Pfer last Oct 06.:confused1:
    It `s the apple green hobo, which was supposed to be brand new and she got it very used.
    I think she got her money back after 2 month.
    But then , the seller put another auction up...#190081623933 that`s
    the one I got.
    She lowered the price for me, still it`s too much for a used very used
    I`m trying to claim my money back with Ebay and also paypal.
    Do not close me down for saying this, I think it should be exposed to
    all out there.
    Scamming should not be protected.
    So if you guys need more info, it`s coming in daily and I`m not
    giving up getting my money back.
  2. I don't understand - weren't pics provided of the bag?
  3. Swissflower - I'm a little confused as well. I checked the auction you referenced and the condition of the bag is listed as used, not new. Are you saying the pictures do not accurately show the condition of the bag?
  4. Here is the thread on the original bag purchase:

    Explains the purchase back in Oct and then what has started to happen now... Sorry to jump in here, but I saw this yesterday and knew the basis...

    Swissflower - I haven't made it all the way through the first thread, just read the first page & the last page... I would scour the thread (if you haven't already) to see what dancingqueen ended up doing.. Also, you haven't received it yet? On the off chance that its not the same bag, you could wait until it arrives, or another option is to ask the seller flat out if it is the same bag....

    Hopefully others will chime in here...
  5. Yes I will have to wait til I get the bag.
    Anyway, it seems it is the same bag, the seller used the same
    auction pics as new and she even emailed me before I purchased the
    Bag and told me, that the purse has been used only once and
    still is in excellent conditon.
    So we will see, when it gets here.
    Otherwise, even as listed as a used bag,
    if it the same bag dancing_queen had, you
    can be sure i will ask my money back.
  6. Did Dancing Queen end up returning the bag to the seller?

    Hope it works out for you Swissflowers *hugs*
  7. I`m not sure, I emailed her,....there is something missing- the
    end of the story.
    Hope to get the apple hobo soon, so I can check out the bag and
    move on..if it is the same bag-dirty and very used...I will
    go after this seller with full force.:cursing:
  8. The Bag is coming Monday.... the seller emailed me, she will NOT
    refund me, because the bag is described excatly the way it is...we will
    see on Monday...Feb.26.07
  9. An important update....:yahoo:

    I have received the is in very good condition and not
    as dirty and trashy as I thought.

    Maybe this one is a different bag dancing_queen had.

    Anyway, I put this one behind me and must say, I`m happy.

    Thanks for all the help....but it the scam was not a scam after all.

    A very happy ending.:yahoo:
  10. Woohoo! So glad it turned out well for you!