1. Ooooh!!! It's beautiful! :heart: Who was looking for one? Was it luvpurse?
  2. I think she was thinking about the apple green- not sure!
  3. someone buy this bag!!! it's a gorgeous color!!!:tender:
  4. Wow both of those colors are just beautiful! :love:
  5. :heart: Good Luck Acegirl on the sales!:heart:
  6. Ohhh, such pretty colors.I love the red.
    Good luck to those lucky bidders! :yes:
  7. Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  8. acegirl, it's so sad because you are letting go of your scrumptious red delicious and granny apples!! ;) good luck with the sales, the new mommies will be lucky to have them!
  9. :crybaby: I know, it's bittersweet... I really gotta clear some out to get some more :graucho: (I'm over my self imposed limit) I've had a couple moments of weakness where I've almost talked myself into ending the auctions..must be a little hormonal right now:wacko: Thanks all for the nice wishes!
  10. Best of luck Acegirl!!!
  11. :lol: you and me must be on the same schedule :lol: :roflmfao:
  12. :lol: Well, we all do spend alot of time here together! You know what they say!
  13. good luck girls~~~im broke, so i'll just watch...