Apple green Day

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  1. is it hard to match outfits with apple green?? :s
  2. again, I wish sellers would pay the extra 15 cents for additional pictures...youre selling a high end bag, now is NOT the time to get cheap so you can save a buck or two. My biggest pet peeve with sellers! YIKES.
  3. Donna, I'm with you on that one! I mean, an extra $1 will buy you heaps more credibility as a seller!
    Is Nicole moving to AZ with you?
  4. To be honest, I don't always put 12 pictures in my auctions but it has nothing to do with money so it is probably not fair to accuse me and others of being cheap. Perhaps we just don't sell as much so do not know better or perhaps we don't include extra pics showing authenticity because people know we only sell authentic? It could be a number of other things too.
  5. same with chi... when i use to sell... i never put that many. didn't want to spend that extra money to post pics, because i was willing to email pictures and such if requested!
  6. LOVELY bag BTW~
  7. I understand your point. If people want more pics you can always email them some.
  8. I guess the irritating part comes when the seller ignores your request for more pics, then it's like to bid or not, looks auth and I really want it, but if its real why won't she send me pics? :hysteric:
  9. Yes! She's coming with me, for a while I wasn't sure though! ~phew~ She has had several phone interviews at a big radio station in Phoenix, looks very promising. I knew she would end up coming with would have devistated me if she didnt!

  10. THATS why I always want more pictures in the auctions. I totally agree with you!:yes: