Apple Green Day Hobo BIN 1199

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  1. :drool: :drool: :drool: thank god I am broke.
  2. Oh goodness! I need to PM donna! DONNA SWEEEEETIE!!! This is your bag!!!
  3. thinking about it...decisions...decisions...
  4. Go for it, DONNA! :yahoo:

    (hate being the enabler, but how often do you come across bags that you've been looking for?)
  5. aaaahhhh! what to do, what to do...I just spent about $1000 on a Blueberry wallet and makeup case at Balny pretty would the blueberry and the apple green be together, my very own Balenciaga fruit salad!...i make myself laugh.
  6. Good luck Donna with your decision ;) !! The apple green day is GORGEOUS - I still L:heart: VE mine :drool: :heart:
  7. Grrrrr. Why???.

    I want so much an apple green city in like new condition . There have been hobos, twiggys, firsts, and even from Europe, wich would be even better, but no city!

    This hobo is really beautiful. Apple green is probably my fav color. This seller always has great bags.
  8. still cant decide...I'm sooooo confused!...I'm moving to AZ in December and I dont want to spend any axtra money...BUT I just listed my Magenta Shoulder I got last week, sooooooooo, THAT will help pay for it!.....opinions people, need your opinions!
  9. If it's a bag you've been wanting for awhile I say go for it because you'll probably kick yourself for not buying it. Plus, I think AZ needs an apple green day running around town. :angel:

  10. YEAH :yahoo: .... definitely go for it Donna :yes: - you'll NOT regret ;)
  11. I agree with babyclouds. If this is hard to find, snap it up. If it pops up once every two or three months, hold off. And yes, this color will ROCK in AZ!!!
  12. aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!
  13. oh donna!
    go for it! That style of bag looks really great in the bright colors. Didn't you say: the price doesn't matter as long as you know you'll be 1000% happy with it? How often does this come up? :P
  14. pursemania you are too funny. Using my own words against me! Actually, my daughter just came home (she's 24 and thats her picture under my name) and she saw me looking at the green Day and she said "Mom! You're not going to buy a lime green Balenciaga are you?" I said I was considering it and she just shook her head and walked away.....~sigh~