Apple Green Day BIN $995

  1. This isn't going to last long!:graucho:
  2. I am not familiar with the green so much from that year, is the bag authentic? I love the color, and would do BIN, but need your opinions...
  3. It looks authentic to me :yes: ... I've the same and it looks similar according to the pics on this auction - so I'd suggest: go for it Donna ;)
  4. Oh no. Sorry donna! I didn't know you were keen on it too. Anyway I just did a BIN on this! Whoo hoo!!! =)
  5. Sorry donna... I didn't even scroll down to read anything else. I pounced on it like a tiger the moment I saw the listing! :sad:

  6. OMG :nuts: .... CONGRATS Dancing..... :flowers: that was fast !!! It's such a gorgeous bag, I still L:heart: VE this color !!

    I'm so sorry for you Donna :crybaby: . . . there will be another one for you soon ;) , I'll keep open my eyes for you :love:
  7. o0o congrats Dancing!!! good deal! enjoy it!

  8. congrats dancing! you will love the color!! and the leather!!
  9. Thanks ladies! I've been wanting an apple green for AGES! Donna, I'm truly sorry about this. I will keep my eyes peeled for an apple green bag for you...
  10. It couldnt have gone to a nicer buyer! Hugs to my dancing_queen!:yahoo:
  11. Great deal!!
  12. Aww Donna! You're such a sweetheart. I'll keep to my promise. First on my list... Shh. LOL.
  13. Congrats Dancing! Apple Green is so pretty :heart:

    I'm sure there will be another apple green for Donna. :flowers:
  14. Congrats Dancing Queen! It is beautiful!