Apple Green Classique on Ebay!

  1. Yummy!!
  2. What a gorgeous color! I'm liking it more every time I see it!
  3. its looks like the real deal! oh my the colour is just so YUMMY!!!!
  4. And the seller has a Fall rouge City listed as well. Too bad no international shipping coz I know frayed_misfit is looking for one..
  5. and so am i!
  6. Go get it girls!!
  7. Gosh! I really love the color!
  8. Now, here's a great example of the differences in the 'old' (Apple Green) and 'new' (2005 Rouge) leathers.

    I also have the 2005 Rouge, and while I like it, the leather just can't compare to the earlier models (I also have bags from 2003, 2004 and early 2005 ... before they switched to the 'new' leather).

    Just wanted you newer B-Bag lovers to see the difference ...

    PS: Now that I have a Classique/First in my collection, I'm kind of liking this Apple Green bag (hee hee!)
  9. go for it ceejay!!!!! ;) :love:
  10. You should get it! It is to die for!!!
  11. Yippee!! This apple tree has major production lately. Go get girls!
  12. It's yummy, makes me wanna bite it.
  13. CeeJay, totally jump on it - I think the classique size is perfect for the apple color!