APPLE GREEN classique on ebay :-)) - BIN $1388.88

  1. ohhh... so gorgeous!:tender: i have the apple first. this color looks so adorable in the first. hopefully a PFer will get it.
  2. Yeah, I have the Apple Green First too ... with a matching Apple Green Planet/Boobie!! I would have preferred a larger bag (City, Work or Weekender) ... I'm still waiting ...
  3. Ooooh! it's stunning! I want it! lol! It's from a super sweet PFer, too! Good luck, Burukogepanda!:flowers:
  4. Yummy!!! Good luck with the listing, Burukogepanda!
  5. Thank you very much Pupsterpurse and SerenitySue!!!
  6. Its a gorgeous bag I am sure it will go fast!
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