Apple Green City

  1. hi does anyone knows if there are stores that still carry apple green city ? no eBay pls too scared of the fakes :cry: thanks in advance
  2. I don't think you'll find one retail. I read in another thread that Dude was listing one (legit seller). Good luck finding the gorgeous bag!!
  3. yeah... its been over a year since the apple was in stores, and i think the last ones were found at cricket (if i recall correctly) about 3 months ago. I suggest calling Bal NY or Paris and seeing if they can give you any leads... you might have to hassel them a lot though to get any results.
  4. thanks cal and mocean :smile: i was not so sold on the color until lately when i keep seeing pics of it
  5. i haven't seen an apple city in any stores/boutiques... i've been looking too. i settled for a classique instead. beautiful color!
  6. Same here ... I had to get the First/Classique. A friend's mother has the Apple Green Work; I keep on 'nagging' her ... "when is your mother going to part with that bag ...?"

    Then I have to vet my desire against the new Fall colors because I also missed the boat on the 2005 Bordeaux, and I'm hoping that the Grenat will be similar.

    Choices, decisions ... aaaarrrrgggghhhh :sad: :oh: :shocked:
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