Apple Green City on Ebay!!!

  1. Please someone tell me there is something drastically wrong with this
    bag?! OMG
  2. ha, i wish there was, the only thing that's wrong for me is the price. :sad:
  3. Good luck to all of the bidders! (she's a PFer here so it's all good)
  4. Ha! I was just about to post this. I'm not interested myself, but I know others are--just curious if it's authentic. I couldn't see anything wrong--it looked pretty good, just a tiny bit of wear. So, who's going for it?????
  5. Ha! Everyone posting at the same time! Is the entire purse forum watching B'bags on ebay?
  6. This is my dream bag......does anyone know about duty $ from Japan to the USA.....?
  7. Can someone drive over and unplug my computer please? :lol:
  8. :lol: of course!! its authentic too
  9. CeeJay didn't you want an apple green city??
  10. I know Ceejay can't access Ebay at work, so maybe she hasn't seen it.. I didn't know she wanted one......Ceejay please buy this and save me :graucho:
  11. Oh, I really hope she sees it! She's been wanting one for aaages!
  12. I will PM her!
  13. Cee jay is going to freak out.
  14. we should have emergency cell phone numbers. or like a red line- straight to the office for just these situations!

    ehh... its not as though it is an amazingly great deal though. not that its not pretty! its just kinda worn, kinda expensive. *shrugs* hopefully it will be there when she gets online! :flowers:

    did any of you see the seafoam classique up last night?
  15. awe, i didn't know Ceejay wanted one! I agree w/ you Mocean, it does look a little worn for the price