Apple Green City from Dude has arrived!!

  1. The package came today....fastest delivery in history! She is gorgeous,
    by the looks of her, never carried! Absolutely perfect condition, no signs of wear, plastic still covering the plate!! :heart: :love:

  2. Love love love this color! Congrats on a stunning bag!
  3. OMG!!!!!!!! Congratulations, she is gorgeous! Brand spankin' new, even. I love it. I am so jealous.... The color is so yummy, I want to eat it.:greengrin:
  4. Chloe, I had to come back and look again.....that green is just HOT!
  5. Oh wow! Congrats! One of my all-time favorite colors. :+)
  6. LUCKY YOU!!!!!! I wanna see plenty of piccies! CONGRATS chloe231!!!! :love:

    congrats :love:
  8. ...thou shalt not covet thy neighbors apple green city.....
  9. Love it!!! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  10. WOW! never carried!? did she mention it was new??? you are so lucky! that color is fantastic!
  11. congrats! as expected... simply beautiful!
  12. hey chloe231 - congrats on your new b-bag! she looks amazing!!!
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: chloe, lucky duck! it's absolutely gorgeous! i'm so jealous.
  14. yummy apple green:yes::heart::heart::P
  15. Wow!!!!! :shocked: :nuts: Stunning, simply stunning!!!!!! :love:

    Congrats!!!!!!!! :rochard: