Apple Green ANYWHERE????

  1. During all the recent sale activity, has anyone noticed any Apple Green at all??? ANYWHERE??? (not necessarily on sale!) Is this colour completely sold out everywhere (Yes, I know there's the first on eBay...too small...) If anyone sees anything in their travels, would you ost or pm or something? Thanks VERY much. (Why is at ALWAYS the colours that we can't find that we HAVE to HAVE?? - What is THAT all about??? :confused1:)
  2. THat is the way it seems to go, isn't it? A wave of a certain color seen and for sale.. then poof.... nowhere to be found. I'll keep my eyes open for you!
  3. Thanks Shasta! These colours are like moving targets! It takes me ages to decide what the "keeper-colours" are and by then.....:sad:
  4. there was a day on eBay yesterday... but it might have sold already, sorry girl :sad:
  5. I know there's an apple green mini twiggy on eBay uk, but it may be only for UK bidders. Might be worth asking the seller though, if I recall correctly, they were a tpf member.
  6. Thanks Nicole and Willow! I did see the apple green day, but I need (!!!!) a city/ smaller than a city. I have a day coming (red) but am still not sure I'll LOVE it. But I LOVE City/PT, so am focusing on one of those for my apple fix. Why do these things becaome SO important??? GAH!!! :wtf:
  7. Please remember ladies, there is no discussion of ebay permitted in the Bal forum for right now. So please refrain from asking, or discussing, ebay listings. You may discuss/post if you have seen this particular bag in a store or etailer, but that is all that is permitted. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for clarifying that. I kind of have been wondering if we were skirting the edges of disaster by even mentioning bags that are on eBay ... there was one thread that looked a lot like a thread that would have appeared on Achtung (just without the actual ebay link).

    Perhaps it could be clarified in the "Balenciaga Rules" thread that we are not even permitted to mention ebay auctions outside of the Authenticate This thread (?)

  9. I totally agree!!! I just posted a Reminder for everyone that will hopefully clarify the rules. :tup:
  10. Apologies everyone! Didn't mean to get into e-bay stuff at all. Just wanted people to keep their eyes open as they're cruising sales, etc. Sorry again !!
  11. I just saw some apple green bags at NM San Francisco, but they were smaller bags (I think Twiggys?) I'm fairly new to Balenciaga - they were kind of a tootsie roll shape, handheld, bigger than my First but smaller than the City. They had 4 or 5 of the same bag in that color, on sale, but I don't know the price.
  12. ooh wow bedhead are u sure they were apple green??

    i didn't know apples are still in stores! it wasn't vert gazon.. or.. something?
  13. ^ It had to be Vert Gazon.

    I think the only place you'd find an apple green bag that came out in 2005 is at some non-US store that doesn't put their bags on sale and just has some old stock still.

    I think the last one I heard about was found in Australia. The other option would be scouring the consignment shops around the world, they might have an apple-green bag, but it's also possible they'd think another bright green was also you might get something else.

    Have you seen Apple Green in person? It doesn't look like a Granny's much brighter and more neon-like. I know this color can either be IT or NOT for a person IRL, depending on your coloring and guts.
  14. Many thanks RealDeal! I have not seen Apple Green IRL, but it couldn't be too bright for me. I walk softly and carry loud bags!! But great suggestions...thanks so much!;)
  15. Many thanks BedHead! I'll check it out, just in case. And welcome to the dark side....kiss your hard-earned $$$ goodbye (but DAMN, it's fun!!)