Apple Garde works fabulously

  1. I couldn't get my hands on any Shining Monkey, so I used Apple Garde on my new BH. It has rained for about 32 days straight here in San Jose (not kidding). I almost put the BH away until sunnier days, but I am a firm believer is using lovely things. I've had a few moments of wrapping my handbag in my coat to protect it, but overall I've just been using it normally. It's been rained on untold times, and zero water spots. None. Yesterday I had it clasped between my legs (I'm not totally insane) as I was washing my hands in the bathroom at a restaurant, and a woman reached over for some soap, and a veritable RIVER of water from her sopping wet hands plopped onto my BH handles. I was HORRIFIED. But they dried spotlessly. :biggrin:
  2. Cool! Where do you get this stuff?
  3. I found it at Burlington Coat Factory, but heard about it thanks to PF. It's inexpensive, $6 a can.
  4. Thanks for the info! How did you apply it? Please share details. Does the leather still patina?

  5. Just bought the Shining Monkey and waiting for it to arrive, if that doesn't work for me, I'll try Apple Garde
  6. The leather will still patina.
    I actually found directions for application by searching PF.
    I put the bag on a towel in my garage, and sprayed for about 10 seconds, from about a foot away. Then I wiped the canvas to remove overspray, and let it sit for 1/2 an hour, then another brief spray. I let it dry for 2 days, and then I was good to go.
  7. I use applegarde on all my purses and shoes and it is excellent. I even had a pen hit my purse and I used a damp cloth and it just rubbed off. I know it was the use of the appleguarde that helped that.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to look for this product this weekend.
  9. When you apply the Applegarde does it darken the leather at all? Do you have any idea how often you need to reapply?
  10. THanks for the info! I'm going to try it.
  11. I have Apple Guard at home and will have to try it out for my new LV bags! :smile:
  12. Does the apple guard dull the shine at all? or does it make it even shinier?
  13. Thanks for the info ... good to know!
  14. That's good to know!

    I used Shining Monkey on my Cabas Mezzo and the vachetta still looks new and unused....I've used the Mezzo for about a month now.
  15. Apple Garde after it dries, looks brand new. It does not darken it. I've had great success with it! Highly recommend. If you can't find in stores, you can order online at
    HTH! :smile: