Apple Garde or Monkeyshine? What's the diff?

  1. I've read a lot about these 2 products when caring for the vachetta in the forum and mypoupette and personally, I am veeeery anal about bringing them out when it rains unless they've already turned a full patina but I really want to keep the vachetta going longer than usual.

    Can anyone tell me which is actually better? Apple Garde or Monkeyshine and which products should I buy? Apple Garde isn't available in Singapore(But I can get it shipped from :graucho:) and I'm still searching for Monkey Shine at the local hardware stores.

    I read livinluxuriously's site about the Apple Garde but also saw Yeux's apple garde panic, any advise is much appreciated! :flowers:
  2. have you done a search? It's sure to yield A LOT of results!
  3. Yup, I've read through some about application and what it does but I'm wondering if it'll cause the patina to suddenly darken considerably like Yeux's?

    Also, I've read more about Apple Garde than Monkey Shine so I was wondering if anyone here could relate any personal opinions about these 2. :flowers:

    P.S. Sorry, should be Shining Monkey! ;-P
  4. I haven't tried the Shining Monkey, but I've applied the Apple Garde to 2 virgin bags- A BH and a Cabas Mezzo, both dried to the same color they were originally (disappointing to me, I don't like the super pale vachetta) with none of the spotting issues Yeuxhonnettes has suffered. It works great, I got stuck in a surprise downpour with my BH, the straps were soaked with rain, and they dried without a single water spot.
  5. Apple Garde works great for me on new and older vachetta.
  6. I love Shining Monkey. That is my HHO, Good luck!