apple garde on fabric

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  1. Has anyone ever used Apple Garde on fabric? I bought a can this week and it says that you can use it on fabric. I bought a light pink fabric Chanel bag last week and I wanted to find some way to prevent it from getting stains.
  2. I have not used it on a fabric bag, but I have used apple garde on scarves that I tie on my bags. Worked great.
  3. I've use AG and Wilson's on all my bags including LV denim, mini mono, and all interiors which are fabric. Never had a problem and it does not leave a mark. :yes:
  4. thank you. i did try it on my looked a little wet at first and i thought it would stain since apple garde was greasy. omg, i almost had a heart attack. but, it's all good bf tried to put some water on my bag and it beaded up and rolled right off. =)
  5. swee7bebe I've got a couple of light coloured fabric chanels!!! and was always wondering whether it would be safe to AG long did u put it on for....has the color changed?? Thanks in Advance
  6. nope the color hasn't changed. i sprayed it on once (very lightly), let it dry then coated it again. then the next day i did another coat. the color still looks good and the water beads right off...i have a pic of it in the chanel thread...
  7. thanks...I'll go over and check it out now!!
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