apple garde on distressed caviar?

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  1. anyone know if its ok to spray apple garde on distressed caviar? i'm a little worried since distressed caviar feels much more delicate than regular caviar.

    any other tips for distressed caviar care would be appreciated too.

  2. I've not done it on my distressed caviar. I don't think caviar or distressed caviar for that matter need any treatment on it. I just wipe it down after every use and keep it away from rain. If you want you can try spraying a little on the inside flap?
    The distressed caviar feels more durable to me, I dropped it on the gravel in the parking lot when I opened the car door but no scratches nothing! It looked as good as new :tup: It does have a slight sheen to it IMO, so you might want to take that into consideration before spraying anything on it..