Apple Garde and Metal Hardware

  1. Hey ladies, I did a search for this and couldn't find any info. I just bought a Choo Zulu clutch that has a lot of metal studs on the front and such. I have a can of the apple garde spray that I've used on my CLs and was thinking of spraying my clutch with it. For those that have used the spray on purses before do you protect the metal hardware at all? Like covering it in some way? Or do you just spray the bag and wipe the hardware off. Thanks!!! :biggrin:

    edit: Oh, and the bag is also calf skin. Anyone know if it should be treated differently because of this? TIA!!
  2. Good question. I don't put anything on my bags tho, so I am no help.
  3. If you are going to spray with AppleGarde, make sure you wipe it off the hardware right away. I wouldn't take any chances when the solvent in the AppleGarde meets the plating.

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  4. jburgh thanks for the reply! I don't think I'm going to spray the bag ... I'm a bit afraid to do it. lol. I don't want to mess up the soft leather or metal hardware so I guess I'll just try to be extra careful with it anytime I carry it. :biggrin:
  5. I spray AG onto a brand new 100% lambskin bag with lotsa metal studs (that was part of the design you see) ..

    I did not wipe the AG off the metal studs immediately as there were too many of them and in the course of doing so, would inevitably wipe some of the spray off my lambskin.

    So i just spray 100% of the bag (with metal studs and all), leave to air dry for 24hrs and it was perfect the next day. There wasn't even any oily residue on the metal parts. Of course i sprayed with a light hand.