Apple first for a city?


What should I do?

  1. Buy the city & sell my first.

  2. Keep my first.

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  1. Should I buy an apple green city & sell my first? I have never seen the city size & I am normally a small bag person being very petite. I have a first, a mini twiggy, small totes, & pochettes. Recently, however, I am becoming more & more curious about the city size. I was thinking maybe I'd like to carry it school w/ a notebook & folder, but at the same time I almost don't want to buy it so I wont carry it to class & get it dirty....what do you all think??
  2. buy the city!!!!
  3. Get the city while it's never know when another one will come along! Good luck!
  4. it sounds like you have a few smaller bags, and adding a bigger one would make your collection more versatile! i say go for it!
  5. Go for the City. Its a nice change!
  6. you won't fit a full-size notebook/folder comfortably in it, but you will the half-size ones, like large novels..

    but i say go for it!!! the apple looks faBBO in the city size/shape, and the city is super useful.. you may get hooked on having a nice voluminous bag.. yet it's slouchy so it never looks that big, and carries nicely even if mostly empty!

    as for the dirty... maybe you could AppleGarde that Apple? plus, it's such a vivid colour, it won't show up dirt thaat easily.. plus this colour will look way better as it darkens..

    doitdoitdoitdoit =D
  7. It doesn't fit a notebook? Hmm I guess it's not as big as I had hoped
  8. I would get the city!
  9. Okay, here's a different answer: if you have always loved smaller bags, keep your First. If you want to experiment with the City, don't give up your Apple First in order to do it! Maybe try it in another color, or wait till you can find a really good deal.
    I say this because, I went down that road, and am now letting go of my City's, and replacing them with First's. And that's so much trouble!
    Just think about it...:flowers:
  10. It might be nice to mix things up a little and get a different size bag by exchanging your apple first for a city. I find lately all I have are larger bags, when I always carried small...but I have nothing now to use when I WANT small lol. So I'm going to try out the first size again as I already have a city.
  11. You need both. Seriously. My first is perfect for evenings or time when I just need a little stuff. But my city is fab at holding EVERYTHING! but sometimes she's just too big for evenings out.
    So I say you need them both!
  12. I agreed. You need BOTH.
  13. yhassan: I think this color looks much better in a bigger sized bag (I have it in a day/hobo) ! So I vote for the city ... and a classique in another color maybe ;) :yes: ?! Good luck :flowers:
  14. hey ya
    i say mix up your collection a bit and get a city!!!
  15. If your other bags are small, I'd defintely switch for a city. I find the city perfect for work - it holds letter size folders with no problems, books, a pochette for makeup, cell phone, water, etc... It's great! I'm also pretty small - 5'2", 110lbs, and I find the City works well on my frame for work.